Join CMC

Cambridge Multisport Club (CMC) is sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario. To satisfy

insurance criteria at our sanctioned workouts and for you to benefit from liability

coverage, you will also need to become a member of Triathlon Ontario. For more

information and the full list of benefits, please click here.

To join Cambridge Multisport Club (and Triathlon Ontario), please click here.

Note: If you are completely new to triathlon and multisport and do not have an account

with CCN, you will need to make one (it’s free).

Your CMC Membership is valid from April 1st to March 31st of the following year.

Renewal of your membership is required yearly. Membership for CMC is and always will

be free. As a member of a sanctioned club, you will get a discount of $10 off the

Triathlon Ontario price. Your total checkout cost for Triathlon Ontario membership will be


For questions regarding Triathlon Ontario, please contact them directly.

For questions regarding CCN bikes, please contact them at 1-778-381-8104.

If you’re having trouble with anything registration related and you’re not getting the

answers you need, please email us at