Cambridge Multisport NCCP Certified Community Coaches

Darcy Brown - since 2010

2013 will be my 5th year of racing; something that started as little more than a bid to stay healthy. In fact in the beginning I never had any intention of racing at all. It didn't take long for me to get addicted to the sport and my interest has been steadily increasing ever since. My background (from way back) is lifeguarding and cross-country running. Recently, I've done 2 years with the National Age Group Team where I raced at the ITU Worlds in 2011 and 2012. The experience from these years has dramatically shaped my take on training and racing...something I bring to our activities at CMC every time we head out. I used to be a couch potato but getting involved in triathlon racing has marked a lasting change in my lifestyle that now in 2013, helping other people to get as much out of the sport as me is just a logical progression.

Mark Tanner - since 2014

I’ve always loved to run. Since competitive running in High School, I’ve be plagued with shin splint issues every time I got back into running. After trying new shoes, wet towel drills, running slow, massage, acupuncture and much more – it wasn't until a physiotherapist asked if I liked to swim and bike, that maybe I should take up Triathlons. It would round out my muscle strengthening and bring more balance to my core. And what do you know – it worked! And still, I haven't had even a small case of shin splints (knock on wood).

I started Triathlons in 2012, with the entry level Try-a-Tri, I managed to work up to the Olympic distance that first season and fell in love with Triathlons. I did the training on my own, doing lots of research and thought I didn’t need training partners – I'm a pretty self-motivated person. I also swore that I would never be caught dead in tight spandex! During the off season I was introduced to CMC and immediately threw away my past inhibitions and misconceptions. I found club training events inspiring, helpful, motivating and most of all a great outlet to talk and make friendships within this addictive sport of triathlon. My second season goal was to double my distances again with a Half Ironman which I did in Muskoka (and in a full CMC coloured spandex tri suit) along with a few fellow CMCers. I managed to sneak in a destination event - the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon - pretty epic experience! Staying on course in my third year, the plan was to double the distance once again and compete in my first Ironman event at Mont Tremblant. What an amazing experience and journey! Fellow CMCer’s helped me complete this goal – my experience would have been very different without their advice, encouragement, inside tips and calming of the nerves along the way.

Wanting to give more back to CMC, I went for NCCP training to become a coach. To me, CMC is all about the friendships in this great sport of Triathlon. We help motivate each other, run useful training events, have friendly competitions, share experiences and help each other reach our own personal goals whatever they may be.

Andrea Harper - since 2014

Giles Atkinson - since 2019

Jennifer Denomy - since 2019

Rob Graham - since 2019