Cambridge Multisport Club is a not-for-profit, Triathlon Ontario sanctioned club operating in the Cambridge/ KW region with a board of volunteer directors. Founded in 2010, our vision has been to bring together adult athletes of any level to share their passion of healthy living with fellow athletes. We get together at group training sessions, specialized clinics, social events, and of course, races.

We are an easy going, low maintenance and fun-loving group of multisport enthusiasts and we welcome like-minded folk to join our ranks. We offer a friendly and varied crew of all ages (and speeds), we race the full gamut of distances (once a year as relay teams in a local race) – and we have five NCCP-certified Community Coaches in the group. Any money we raise as a club is reinvested 100% back into the club for the benefit of our members.

If we sound like your kind of people, give us a call or drop us a line (519 841 8218/ – we’d love to hear from you. If you’d prefer to just sign up, go here.