Points System

For each rider in the Female/Male categories, the points will be awarded at each Individual TT event as listed below:
  • 10 pts - First Place
  • 9 pts - Second
  • 8 pts - Third
  • 7 pts - Fourth
  • 6 pts - Fifth
  • 5 pts - Sixth
  • 4 pts - Seventh
  • 3 pts - Eighth
  • 2 pts - Ninth
  • 1 pts - Tenth and each succeeding rider (everyone gets a point)
10 pts - Will be award to the timekeepers and marshals who regularly compete in the weekly time trials for each week that they volunteer. (Maximum of 2 weeks per season to receive volunteer points.)
  • To be included in the FINAL standings at the end of the season a rider must obtain points in at least five races.
  • All accumulated points during the TT season will be used for each rider in the final total**.
  • If in case of a tie, the rider with the highest race participation wins, if still tied the total time of the TT season for each will be added together.
  • Awards will be given out to the overall winners at the CMC year-end party and medals to the 2nd and 3rd place winners.


**Note:  Points for the Team Time trials will not be calculated for final point’s total.